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“To maintain our position as a unique and dependable service provider for all your manufacturing, sourcing and trade needs.”

Sourcing Agent Services

About Us

Zapris Sourcing prides itself in providing a one-stop solution to all your import trade, sourcing, procurement and supply chain management needs.

With substantial industry experience, we are a dynamic organization and are currently dedicated to making the process of sourcing, product development, and supply chain management in the most streamlined way possible.

Our Advantages

Expert Approach

Backed with experience, our team is trustworthy, responsive, helpful, and full of ingenious ideas—which we hope will help you achieve your goals with us.

Gateway to Asia

We offer our clients convenient, reliable and personalised window for all their business needs in China & Pakistan. 

Supplier Network

Existing network of high-quality suppliers; from basic materials to renowned brands we work with on regular basis.

Idea Into Reality

From idea to the product, we have explored many different ways to achieve this; and we are here to share our knowledge with you!

Startup & SME

Focused on empowering SMEs & Startup businesses; we understand and truly care about what you do or want to do.

One Stop Solution

From private label manufacturing to delivering best quality product across borders, we got all under one roof.

Need Help?

We believe you deserve a sourcing agency that's accessible.
Where you can quickly get answers to questions and easily request quotes.

Buying agents or purchasing agents are people or companies that offer to buy goods, services or property on behalf of another party. Indent agents or indenting agents are alternative terms for buying agents. An indent is an order for goods under specified conditions of sale.

A sourcing agent also known as indenting agent helps their clients with finding outside sources for products and supplies at competitive prices, so the company can save money during production. The work actually requires industry knowledge, great business sense and excellent communication skills to ensure smooth business and delivery of products/supplies via suppliers on time.

Yes we are a registered company, with offices in Pakistan, China & United Arab Emirates.

Over the years, we  have developed a team of professionals who are well versed with a number of product categories. Textiles, Machinery, Packaging, Home & Kitchen, Plastics, Electronics etc are our major working areas. 

We offer customised pricing plans to our clients as per their project needs and requirements. There are no one-off charges. Initial consultancy is absolutely free of cost.

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