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Inspection & Quality Assurance

We offer a one-of-a-kind business platform that includes not just consumer product and raw material sourcing and procurement, but also a supply chain solution that includesdesign and production, inspection, and logistics,and goes well beyond the traditional model.

It encompasses all of the efforts and interactions that go into planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering the final product to the customer on time and in outstanding condition, and at the best possible price.

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Quality Assurance

Warehousing and Prep

We provide consolidation facilities, labelling, rebundling and packing facilities for our valued customers. Managing supply chains is our forte but rest assured it is not a walk in the park for new entrants into the business.

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Sometimes, customers order different products through our channel. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that products from different manufacturers are bundled together according to our customers’ desire. Consolidation is an on-site endeavor and Zapris Sourcing is there to help you take out the kinks to ensure a seamless buying and shipping experience.

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Logistics and Shipping

Our already established supply chains seldom see issues of disruption or discontinuation. We at Zapris Sourcing keep an eye out for changes in the ecosystem so that any hiccup does not translate our business with our clients. We dynamically innovate new routes and channels in such cases and provide our customers with comprehensive logistics and shipping support from port to warehouse to their place of business. 

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Logistics and Shipping