Product Sourcing

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Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is finding the products you want to sell in your store, buying them from a supplier, and then reselling them. If you're a retailer — brick and mortar, online, or both — then product sourcing is the linchpin of your business.

Zapris sourcing, as the name suggests, provides a comprehensive sourcing service for all your sourcing needs. We handle the logistics, QA, and mediating on your behalf to suppliers be it China, Pakistan or the world over.

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Finished Goods

Zapris sourcing isyour go-to partnerif you want to source finished goods in the following sectors:

  • Consumer and retail goods and products including but not limited to consumer electronics, Household, computer office supplies, promotional goods, store equipment, leds, decor… etc.
  • Industrial parts and goods (Textile, Packaging, Printing, Agriculture, you name it!)
  • Medical equipment and apparatus.
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finished goods

Stock Lots

Zapris sourcing can be yourone-stop partner in acquiring stock lotsin the Business to Consumer category. These items can be classified as follows:

  • Kitchenware.
  • Textile, apparel and fashion.
  • Promotional items, like birthday cards and other greeting
  • Festivity decorations.
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